En fransk kvinne som kaller seg Sylvie Francois på Facebook, ville gjøre noe mot den tiltagende islamiseringen av nabolaget i Paris, som gjør at en kvinne får stygge blikk hvis hun ikke går med tildekket hår og ikke kan ta seg et glass alene.

Hun inviterte til gatefest med pølser og vin på en fredag. Det var for mye for politiet, som forbød festen.

Paris police on Tuesday banned a controversial «pork sausage and wine» street party planned by extremist groups to combat what they saw as the «Islamisation» of a city neighbourhood. The event was planned for Friday evening at a time when the district’s streets are usually jammed with Muslims coming out of mosques and just before Algeria were due to play England in the football World Cup.

But police banned the event and any rival gatherings in the Goutte d’Or area of northern Paris’ 18th arrondissement, or district, saying in a statement that it was likely to cause «serious risks to public order.» The plan had sparked outrage from politicians and anti-racism groups who said it was blatantly racist and could lead to violence on the streets.

The original idea for the Goutte d’Or gathering apparently came from a local woman who set up a Facebook page announcing the event to fight against what she saw as the increasing «Islamisation» of her area. The woman, who uses the pseudonym Sylvie Francois on Facebook, told Liberation newspaper that she no longer felt at home in the neighbourhood where she had lived all her life. «People of French origin can’t have a drink in peace there. If you are a woman you get hostile looks if you’re not wearing an (Islamic) veil,» she said.

The street party, whose two main components of pork and alcohol are forbidden by Islamic teaching, was scheduled to be held on Rue Myrha, where there is a mosque. A French government minister of Algerian descent, Fadela Amara, on Tuesday condemned the planned party as «hateful, racist and xenophobic.» A rival group on Facebook had set up a «halal and mint tea» party in response to the pork and wine event. Facebook pork party banned after racism allegations.

Goutte d´Or eller Lille Afrika. Det ser ud til at Facebook gruppen vil gennemføre sine vin og grisefester i Toulouse, Lyon og Bryssel. Saucisson et Pinard plakat i art nouveau stil. Politiken kalder kvarteret «en forstad». Det kan de selv være. Det er få hundrede meter fra Sacré Coeur og Gare du Nord.

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