Amerikanske tjenestemenn er i økende grad bekymret for konsentrasjonen av jihadister i Storbritannia. De mener nettverket av muslimske ekstremister har nådd et nivå hvor det truer vestlige lands sikkerhet.

State Department officials believe the UK is vulnerable to being used as a base for al-Qaeda terror attacks.

They claim the growing presence of the terrorist network in Britain is now a major security concern for other Western countries.
The US security community has previously expressed concerns over the growing number of Islamic radicals in the UK, dubbing the capital ‘Londonistan’.

The UK is now believed to have the highest concentration of al-Qaeda sympathisers of any Western country.

A US state department official told a newspaper today that the high levels of al-Qaeda activity in Britain is becoming a major source of concern for them.

He added: «The organisation’s ability to use Britain as a base to plot terror attacks constitutes a serious threat to the security of Britain and other Western countries.»

Terrorist network in Britain is a security threat