Nidal Malik Hasan, mannen bak Fort Hood-massakren, ønsket at det militære skulle reise sak mot medsoldater ut fra hva de fortalte ham som terapeut at de hadde vært med på i Irak og Afghanistan. Henstillingene ble ikke tatt til følge og dette skal ha vært medvirkende til at han i stedet valgte å ta straffen i egne hender.

Major Nidal Malik Hasan, the Fort Hood gunman, had sought military prosecutions against soldiers he claimed confessed «war crimes» to him during counselling sessions.

Hasan, an Army psychiatrist, last threatened to pursue prosecutions against other soldiers on Nov 2.

Two days later he went for extra target practice at a shooting range where he bought 10 targets and fired more than 200 rounds.

He also closed his bank safety deposit box, telling a bank worker: «You’ll never see me again.» The day after that he went on a murderous rampage at Fort Hood, America’s largest military installation, killing 13 people and wounding around 30.

Investigators believe his inability to get Army authorities to pursue what he claimed was wrongdoing in Iraq and Afghanistan may have contributed to his decision to carry out the massacre.

A federal investigator told ABC News: «The Army may not want to admit it, and you may not hear much about it, but it was very big for him.» Hasan was understood to have made inquiries of superiors whether he was able to provide evidence of alleged «war crimes» he had learned about in his work as a psychiatrist.

He signed emails to military prosecutors «Praise Be to Allah,» according to ABC News.

Fort Hood shooting: Nidal Malik Hasan sought prosecutions for ‘war crimes confessions’

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