Hva var det som fikk Malik Nadal Hasan til å gå amok? Mye vil bli satt inn på å finne svar på det spørsmålet. Hasan var født og levd hele sitt liv i USA, det gjør at mye informasjon allerede er tilgjengelig.

Fetteren hevder at Hasan var en normal amerikaner og at han ble mobbet i det militære pga sin tro. Men i hærens papirer har han ikke oppgitt noen trostilhørighet.

Military records indicated that Major Hasan was single, had been born in Virginia, had never served abroad and listed «no religious preference» on his personnel records.

Hasan’s cousin Nader Hasan claimed he was a ‘normal’ American.

He said being deployed to Iraq was the major’s ‘worst nightmare.’

I can’t tell you why it happened,’ Nader Hasan told Fox News. ‘He’s been making those requests (not to be deployed) since 9/11. He’s been in military since right out of high school.

‘Both his parents are American and I just want to make sure everyone understands he is a good American and we are shocked.’

As an army psychiatrist, Hasan helped counsel countless traumatised soldiers returning from Iraq. ‘He deals with stories, he’d tell us how he would hear things, horrific things,’ his cousin added.

‘But even before hearing things from the war, what was affecting him psychologically (was that) he was dealing with some harassment with some of his military colleagues to the extent that he hired a military attorney to try to have the issue resolved, pay back the Government to get out of the military.’

‘It was the harassment that got to him, him being referenced from his Middle Eastern ethnicity even though was born and raised here, went to high school here in North Virginia.. went to Virginia Tech and never been in any trouble, just normal and played sports.’

En pensjonert oberst som arbeidet med Hasan sier han hadde ekstreme synspunkter.

Retired Colonel Terry Lee who worked with the major said: ‘He was so outspoken I once said to him, «Look, you got to cool it».

‘He was reacting with open glee at the death of some soldiers by a suicide bomber. I told him, «You might not agree with this but this is the army and we are here to serve the country.’

Mr Lee said Hasan repeatedly stated: ‘Muslims should rise up against the aggressors.’

‘He was very much against that and he was appealing through the channels for the deployment to be cancelled,’ Mr Lee said.

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