Israels ambassadør i Tyrkia ble angrepet av studenter under et besøk på et universitet ved Svartehavet. Ambassadøren måtte avbryte besøket. En ordfører i en by brukte anledningen til å kristere Israel.

Tyrkia og tyrkernes holdning til Israel er endret. Spørsmålet er om det er uttrykk for en dypere, antivestlige tendens og er et utslag av AKPs islamisering av samfunnet.

Turkish daily Hurriyet reported that during Levy’s visit to the Black Sea Technical University, a group of students congregated around him, shouting slogans such as «Israel’s child killers are not wanted in our universities,» calling Israel a «fascist» country and hurling eggs at Levy’s car until security personnel intervened.

Several students were arrested, and the ambassador was forced to cut short his visit to the institution.

The ambassador was slated to speak at the university during a tour of historic Turkish city of Trabzon.

«The people of Israel have a great interest in the [Black Sea] region,» Levy was quoted as saying, referring in his speech to the influx of Israeli tourism in the area.

Also during Levy’s Black Sea visit, the mayor of coastal city Rize, Halil Bakirci, criticized Israel’s «policy of occupation» and said that Turkey’s stance on Israel would «not change as long as it continues,» according to a report in Turkish publication Turkiye.
Pro-Palestinian Turks set on…

Pro-Palestinian Turks set on fire an Israeli flag as they stage a protest against Israel, in Istanbul, Turkey.
Photo: AP

«The people of Rize may defend themselves against any threat, but they will not do so by killing children,» Bakirci was quoted as saying. Levy was said to be «disappointed» by the comments.