Foran en forsamling regjeringsmedlemmer og parlamentarikere varslet president Dmitrij Medvedev onsdag utplaseringen av rakettsystemet Iskaner i Kaliningrad. Medvedev klaget over USAs omringning av Russland, og nevnte ikke Obamas navn én gang.

His announcement prompted a burst of applause from government ministers and parliamentary deputies assembled in the Kremlin. The President failed to congratulate Mr Obama or even to mention him by name during his 85-minute state of the nation address televised live across Russia.

Instead, in a criticism directed at the US, Mr Medvedev declared: «Mechanisms must be created to block mistaken, egoistical and sometimes simply dangerous decisions of certain members of the international community.»

He accused the West of seeking to encircle Russia and blamed the US for encouraging Georgia’s «barbaric aggression» in the war over South Ossetia in August. He issued a warning that Russia would «not back down in the Caucasus».

«The August crisis only accelerated the arrival of the crucial moment of truth. We proved, including to those who had been sponsoring the current regime in Georgia, that we are strong enough to defend our citizens and that we can indeed defend our national interests,» Mr Medvedev said.

«What we’ve had to deal with in the last few years – the construction of a global missile defence system, the encirclement of Russia by military blocs, unrestrained NATO enlargement and other ‘gifts’… The impression is we are being tested to the limit.»

President Dmitri Medvedev orders missiles deployed in Europe as world hails Obama