Pakistanerne i Storbritannia er så rasende over amerikanernes grensekrenkelser at de kan komme til å reagere mot britene, truer/advarer Pakistans høykommissær i Storbritannia.

Wajid Shamsul Hasan said the US bombings had killed hundreds of civilians but had failed to eliminate any Al-Qaeda leader.

«This will infuriate Muslims in this country and make the streets of London less safe,» he said. «There are 1m Pakistanis in the diaspora here and resentment is mounting. I’m being flooded by text messages from community leaders saying we must organise our anger.

«The Americans’ trigger-happy actions will radicalise young Muslims. They’re playing into the hands of the very militants we’re supposed to be fighting.»

His remarks followed outrage in Pakistan over five attacks in the past 10 days, including a ground assault in the village of Angoor Adda in which 20 people were killed. US officials say all were Al-Qaeda supporters but Pakistan insists they were civilians, including women and children.

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