Advokatene til Omar Khadr offentliggjorde canadiske etterretningsoffiserer som avhører deres klient på Guantanmo. Hensikten er å påvirke utfallet. Forsvarerne tegner et bilde av en uskyldig gutt. Men familien er involvert i terror.

His Egyptian-born father, Ahmed Said Khadr, and some of his brothers fought for al-Qaida and had stayed with Osama bin Laden.

En annen bror sitter arrestert i Canada, tiltalt for terrorisme og venter på utlevering til USA.

Khadr var 15 år da han ble avhørt. Forholdene var tøffe.

A Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs report said a Canadian official, Jim Gould, visited Khadr in 2004 and was told by the American military that the detainee was moved every three hours to different cells.

That technique, dubbed, «frequent flyer,» was one of at least two sleep deprivation programs the U.S. military used against Guantanamo prisoners. Detainees were moved from cell to cell throughout the night to keep them awake and weaken their resistance to interrogation.

The document also says Khadr was placed in isolation for up to three weeks and then interviewed again.
In June, a Canadian Federal Court judge ordered the Canadian government to release the video to the defense after the court ruled the U.S. military’s treatment of Khadr broke human rights laws, including the Geneva Conventions.
Khadr faces up to life in prison on U.S. charges that include murder for allegedly throwing a grenade that killed an American special forces soldier, Army Sgt. 1st Class Christopher Speer of Albuquerque, N.M.

Gitmo video offers glimpse of interrogations