Det gjæ­rer i den ang­li­kanske kirke. 1.000 kon­ser­va­tive ang­li­ka­nere har denne uken vært sam­let i Jeru­sa­lem for å stifte Gaf­con, en orga­ni­sa­sjon i oppo­si­sjon til en libe­ral for­tolk­ning som god­kjen­ner homo­file pres­ter.

Men i til­legg er det andre stem­mer, som ret­ter en annen type kri­tikk, ikke bare mot kirke­le­del­sen, men sam­funns­le­del­sen gene­relt.

Ali­son Ruoff er tid­li­gere for­hørs­dom­mer, og leg­mann. Hun mener disse skille­lin­jene bør leg­ges til side og at man hel­ler bør kon­sen­trere seg om å bekjempe opp­ret­tel­sen av et paral­lelt islamsk sam­funn i Stor­bri­tan­nia.


She says that under an Arch­b­is­hop of Can­ter­bury who said it is ine­vi­table that ele­ments of Sha­ria will be intro­du­ced in the UK, the church has not done enough to put its mes­sage across.

And she belie­ves the Govern­ment, out of poli­ti­cally cor­rect sen­si­ti­vity, is not pre­ven­ting the growth of Mus­lim com­mu­nities which do not inte­grate with those around them.

Mrs Ruoff, who ear­lier this year cal­led for a halt to mos­que buil­ding in Bri­tain, said: “The pro­blems of homo­sexua­lity and women bis­hops which face the Church of Eng­land are minor com­pared with the threat to the church and the nation from Islam.

The church is sle­epwalking into an Isla­mic state. Hope­fully we can unite against it.

The lea­ders of the church have lost their con­fi­dence in the Gos­pel. We have got an Arch­b­is­hop of Can­ter­bury who doesn’t stand up for Chris­tia­nity but wants a degree of Sha­ria law.

The church should be get­ting out with the Chris­tian mes­sage.

Our Govern­ment is allowing it to hap­pen out of poli­ti­cal cor­rect­ness, but it should be pro­tec­ting our values and her­itage.”

She added that many people share her fears but do not like to speak out about it in case they are cri­ti­cised.

People are genuinely wor­ried. There’s a gene­ral con­cern in the nation about its buil­ding blocks being rap­idly ero­ded.

But we are very afraid of the law and of being perse­cuted. The police in many respects are stan­ding up for Islam rat­her than Chris­tia­nity.”

Mrs Ruoff belie­ves the pro­blem with the growth of Islam in Bri­tain is that some com­mu­nities do not inte­grate, and that some immi­grant imams do not learn Eng­lish, lead­ing to segre­ga­tion.

She fears that if these com­mu­nities intro­duce Isla­mic law, all non-Mus­lims and women will be treated as second-class citizens by them. 

Islam is real threat to church, says Synod mem­ber

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