Hver dag kommer fler enn 860 innvandrere til Storbritannia, og to tredjedeler kommer utenfra EU. Det er en økning på 316 000 innvandrere i 2006 alene, og tallene inkluderer ikke illegale innvandrere.

Offisielle statistikker viser at innvandrerbefolkningen i Storbritannia har økt med tilnærmet 2,4 millioner siden Labour-regjeringen kom til makten. Samtidig har 715 000 briter forlatt landet.

Storbritannias nasjonale statistiske byrå la frem de nye tallene etter at den britiske regjeringen nok en gang har blitt anklaget for å fuske med tall – denne gangen i forbindelse med at det offisielt ble hevdet at immigranter fra land utenfor EU utgjør cirka halvparten av alle som innvandrer til Storbritannia.

De nye statistikkene avslører imidlertid at regjeringens påstander ikke stemmer:

The figures show an increase of 316,000 immigrants – or 865 a day – for 2006 alone, the latest period for which figures are available.

At the same time, 715,000 British citizens have packed their bags and left – including 126,000 in 2006.

With one in ten residents now born abroad, the result is a dramatic change to the face of British society.

The figures were broken down by the Office for National Statistics in a bid to settle the row over where the bulk of new arrivals are coming from.

Normalt ligger fokuset på nettoinnvandring; forskjellen mellom alle som ankommer Storbritannia og alle som forlater landet. Totalen, som var 191 000 i 2006, inkluderer britiske statsborgere som returnerer fra langvarige opphold i utlandet eller emigrerer. Denne metoden maskerer den dramatiske økningen av innvandrerbefolkningen på de britiske øyer.

But once Britons are removed, the full details of the unprecedented wave of immigration from overseas is laid bare.

In total, 2,337,000 more foreigners have arrived since 1997 than have left – increasing the overseas-born population by 640 every day.

The figure also only takes into account legal immigrants, meaning the true rate of immigration would be even higher.

Shadow Immigration Minister, Damian Green, said: «It is clear there are huge pressures on public services because of the sheer scale of the rising population. Ministers are foolish to ignore this growing problem.»

Immigration Minister Liam Byrne said: «The British public want sweeping changes to our border security and that’s exactly what we’re delivering throughout 2008.

«Our new Australian-style points based system will ensure only the people Britain needs can come here and work. Our world-leading electronic borders programme will allow us to track those coming in and out of the country and compulsory ID cards for foreign nationals will give us certainty about who is here.»

En av regjeringens mest innflytelsesrike rådgivere advarer om at sørøst-England risikerer å bli overbefolket dersom ikke innvandringen blir redusert. Tidligere i år kom det frem at Storbritannia allerede er det tettest befolkede landet i Europa.

Politikere og næringslivsledere blir også angrepet for å rettferdiggjøre den enorme innvandringen med at landet har økonomiske fordeler av den, til tross for at de vet at heller ikke det er korrekt.

Lord Turner launched a scathing attack on claims made by ministers and business chiefs that large-scale immigration can be justified on economic grounds.

He accused them of using such arguments, despite knowing they do not stak up, to justify an inevitable influx of newcomers and avoid a «racist backlash».

The former CBI director general, has submitted his analysis to a Lords inquiry on immigration.
Advocating a stable population as more favourable to the wellbeing of people in Britain, he concludes: «The simple answer to the question ‘Do we need more immigrants and babies?’ is no.»

He believes welfare issues linked to a growing population – such as disappearing green spaces, housing shortages and transport congestion – will have a significantly greater impact than the economic benefits of immigration.

Debatten om Labours innvandringspolitikk og manglende kontroll over landets grenser startet for fire år siden, etter at det ble avslørt at regjeringens tall over ikke-vestlige innvandrere var feilaktige.

In a parliamentary debate, Immigration Minister Liam Byrne claimed only 52 per cent of migrants to the UK were from countries outside the EU, such as Africa and the Commonwealth.

But the independent Statistics Commission said this figure included Britons returning from long trips abroad, such as backpacking holidays.

When they were removed, the percentage of new arrivals from non-EU countries was 68 per cent.

The figure is crucial in the political debate over control of Britain’s borders.

Ministers have no control over free movement within the EU – but can limit the number of visas and work permits given out to people from the rest of the world.

Migrationwatch chairman Sir Andrew Green said: «We can understand they want to play down the numbers of non-EU immigrants because, if they are made to appear relatively unimportant, it lets them off the hook of taking effective action.

«These figures prove more than two-thirds come from outside the EU and there could be a substantial reduction if the Government had the will to do it.»

Mr Green said: «Yet again the Government has been caught out trying to fiddle the figures.
«This would be laughable if it weren’t so serious.»

I forrige uke kom det forøvrig frem at det offentlige velferdsbudsjettet i Storbritannia beløper seg årlig til nesten 13 milliarder pund. 6 millioner mennesker i landet lever utelukkende på statlige overførsler.

Daily Mail: More than 860 immigrants enter Britain EVERY DAY – and two-thirds come from outside EU