Iran fort­set­ter å beskyte ira­kiske lands­byer i nord, til tross for advars­ler fra Irak om å la være, kunn­gjorde uten­riks­mi­nis­ter Hoshi­yar Zebari.”

On the 28th of this month we sum­mo­ned the Ira­nian ambas­sador and delive­red a memo­ran­dum about shel­ling across the Iraqi bor­der. We cal­led at that time for Iran to imme­dia­tely halt this ope­ra­tion because it is har­ming rela­tions between the two countries,” Zebari told a news con­fe­rence.

Accor­ding to infor­ma­tion we have rece­i­ved, the shel­ling is con­ti­nuing today in Arbil (pro­vince). We again call on the Ira­nian govern­ment to imme­dia­tely stop this mili­tary ope­ra­tion.”

Bag­h­dad says hund­reds of people have had to be eva­cua­ted from bor­der vil­la­ges as a result of Ira­nian shel­ling.

Kurdish PJAK guer­ril­las, who seek auto­nomy for Kurdish areas in Iran, are belie­ved to shel­ter in the bor­der area.

We have said many times that we will not allow any group to ope­rate from our ter­ri­tory against neigh­bo­ring countries. But such cases are to be dealt with by discus­sion,” Zebari said, adding that Bag­h­dad was wil­ling to discuss the issue with Iran.

Yes, there is a group that opposes the govern­ment of Iran, the PJAK, which moves inside the Iraqi bor­der. But this does not jus­tify con­ti­nuous daily shel­ling,” he said./blockquote>

Iraq says Iran con­ti­nues shel­ling despite pro­test

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  • roger

    Ifølge denne rap­por­ten er USA nå klar til å angripe Iran.


    The study con­si­ders the poten­tial for US and allied war on Iran and the atti­tude of key sta­tes. The study con­cludes that the US has made mili­tary pre­pa­ra­tions to destroy Iran’s WMD, nuclear energy, regime, armed for­ces, state appa­ra­tus and eco­no­mic infra­struc­ture wit­hin days if not hours of Pre­si­dent George W. Bush giving the order. The US is not pub­li­ci­sing the scale of these pre­pa­ra­tions to deter Iran, ten­ding to make con­fron­ta­tion more likely. The US retains the option of avo­id­ing war, but using its for­ces as part of an over­all stra­tegy of sha­ping Iran’s actions.

    Sitat slutt.

    Det vir­ker som om Bush har full støtte fra neo­cons til å starte kri­gen mot Iran.

    En av de få som utta­ler seg mot kri­gen er Zbi­g­niew Brze­zin­ski, men han er for lengst ute av ame­ri­kansk poli­tikk.,0,3700317.story

    Spenn fast sete­bel­tene fol­kens – dette kom­mer til å bli tøft.