En ny syrisk gruppe Tawhid og Jihad, truer med å kidnappe og drepe representanter for den libanesiske regjering, hvis den ikke opphever beleiringen av Nahr al-Bared, hvor Fatah al-Islam har forskanset seg.

A Syrian Al Qaeda-inspired group on Tuesday warned of attacks on Lebanese interests and citizens if the country does not lift its siege of militants barricaded inside a Palestinian refugee camp.

In a Web statement, the group Tawhid and Jihad in Syria promised its support for Fatah Islam, the militant group holed up in the camp. The Tawhid and Jihad leader, Abu Jandal al-Dimashqi, met with representatives from Fatah Islam recently, the statement said.

«We warn the Lebanese government that its vital interests, officials and sons living in Syria will be moving targets for us if it does not lift its siege of the camp,» said the statement, posted on a Web forum where militant groups often issue messages.

«Let the Lebanese government wait for the hell of kidnapping, shooting and chopping of heads if it does not respond to the demand,» said the statement. Its authenticity could not be verified.

Tawhid and Jihad in Syria first became known in November, when its former leader Omar Abdullah clashed with Syrian security forces and blew himself up on the border with Lebanon.

Retorikken er like blomstrende som under maoismens verste/beste dager:

Tawhid and Jihad promised to support Fatah Islam, saying «Jews, Christians and the malevolent Crusaders in Lebanon and in Europe … (and) Lebanese officials — France and America’s dogs, weaned on the breast of treason — have all rushed to help against the brothers of Fatah Islam.»

Syrian Qaeda-inspired group warns Lebanese government