Terje Rød-Larsen tegnet et meget dystert bilde av Syrias rolle i Libanon, i en redgjørelse til Sikkerhetsrådet mandag. Han viste til rapporter fra ulikt hold som alle bekrefter at det går en strøm av våpen fra Syria inn i Libanon.

Rød-Larsen sa dette samtidig som Sikkerhetsrådets vedtak om opprettelse av en internasjonal domstol som skal dømme i Hariri-attentatet trådte i kraft.

Rød-Larsen har lenge vært en torn i øyet på Damaskus, helt siden han bidro til å få vedtatt resolusjon 1559 som betød at Syria måtte ut av Libanon. Han slapp ikke inn i Syria ifjor sommer, og er nå erklært persona non grata i Syria.

UN Middle East envoy Terje Roed Larsen who drew an «alarming and deeply disturbing picture» of the situation, citing Lebanese army reports of «a steady flow of weapons and armed elements across the border from Syria.»
He said this was alarming because of the «internal dynamic» in Lebanon and in direct contravention of Security Council Resolution 1559 of 2004 which calls for the disbanding of all militias.
«The information from the government of Lebanon on trafficking of arms and militants across the Syrian-Lebanese border is disturbing,» Roed Larsen told the council.
He also cited detailed reports from Israel and other states «on illegal transfers of arms» indicating that some weapons produced outside the region arrive via third countries and are brought clandestinely into Lebanon via the Syrian border.
UN chief Ban Ki-moon recently sent an independent mission to fully assess monitoring of the Syria-Lebanon border and a mission report is expected at the end of the month.
The envoy also highlighted «allegations of widespread rearming and the possibility of renewed fighting among the Lebanese.»
«The recent seizure of a truckload of arms for Hezbollah (the powerful Shiite movement) in the Bekaa valley is particularly worrisome,» he noted.
He also referred to the Lebanese army siege of Fatah al-Islam militants in the Nahr al-Bared refugee camp in northern Lebanon where two Lebanese Red Cross workers were killed by bullets fired from inside Monday.

Their deaths brought to 125 the number of people killed since the clashes erupted on May 20, including 58 Lebanese army soldiers and 50 members of Fatah al-Islam, a shadowy Al-Qaeda-inspired Sunni Muslim gang.
Roed Larsen said militias such as Fatah al-Islam or the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP-GC) and Fatah-Intifadah heaquartered in Damascus seem to grow stronger with higher quality arms.
«What we have seen in Nahr al-Bared, in Ein El-Hilweh and in Beirut and its surroundings, may well have been only an opening salvo,» Roed Larsen warned.

Ved å påpeke at ytterligere to palestinske grupper deltar i kampene mot den libanesiske hær, og at begge har hovedkvarter i Damaskus, retter Rød-Larsen en anklagende finger mot Syria.

UN concerned at arms crossing Lebanon-Syria border