Leder av gruppen som forsøkte å sprenge bomber i London 21. juli 2005, befant seg i Pakistan samtidig som to av lederne for 7/7-aksjonen. Ved begge anledninger ble det brukt vannstoffhyperoksid i bombene, noe politiet bare har sett disse to gangene.

Det styrker antakelsen om en sammenheng mellom de to begivenhetene.

The leader of the July 21 bombers met the leaders of the July 7 bombers in Pakistan to plan their attacks, it was claimed in evidence released yesterday.
Muktar Ibrahim is linked to 7/7 bombers
Muktar Ibrahim visited Pakistan at the same time as the July 7 bombers

The trial of the second gang of alleged suicide bombers heard that Muktar Ibrahim, the alleged «emir» of the group, was in Pakistan at the same time as Mohammed Sidique Khan and Shezhad Tanweer.

A court order was lifted to allow the reporting of claims that Ibrahim had met the other two men to learn how to make their homemade devices.

«Was it not the case that the plans to use suicide bombs was devised by you and others in Pakistan?» asked Stephen Kamlish, QC, barrister for Manfo Asiedu, one of the accused.

It was claimed that the hydrogen peroxide-based explosives that Ibrahim made for the second attack on London’s transport system had only been seen by the British authorities on one other occasion – July 7. Recalling the evidence of prosecution scientist Clifford Todd, Mr Kamlish said: «The only two occasions on which the authorities in this country had ever come across an improvised explosive device made from hydrogen peroxide and an organic substance was the July 7 and July 21.»

«Yes,» Ibrahim replied.

Mr Kamlish went on: «There is a question mark whether or not the only two ever-known bombs made from hydrogen peroxide are the 7/7 and 21/7 bombs and you were in Pakistan at the same time [as Sidique Khan and Tanweer] – you see the coincidence, don’t you?»

Ibrahim replied: «When you say this fact, yes.»

The hydrogen peroxide bombs that link 21/7 terror plot to 7/7 suicide bombers