24 prosent av britiske muslimer tror ikke at de fire selvmordsbomberne virkelig sto bak aksjonen i London 7/7. Hele 52 % tror politiet har fabrikert bevis.

Tallene forteller om mistro til myndigheter og mediene forsåvidt. Man tror ikke det som blir fremstilt som fakta. De virkelige kreftene forblir skjult. Hensikten er å sverte muslimer.

The poll showed that 24% of Muslims believed the four men identified as the bombers were not actually responsible for the attacks and 52% thought the security services fabricated evidence to convict terrorist suspects. Almost two third (68%) believed that the Muslim community did not bear any responsibility for the emergence of extremists willing to attack UK targets, although 58% felt that Muslims should do more to prevent extremism.

Some of those interviewed by Channel 4 claimed the CCTV images of the four men arriving at Luton station en route to London were faked. Some also dismissed as fake the «martyrdom» videos left by Mohammad Sidique Khan and Shehzad Tanweer, in which they admitted to the atrocities.

An ICM poll last year indicated that a fifth of Muslims had sympathy with the «feelings and motives» of the suicide bombers in the July 7 2005 attack, although 99% thought they were wrong to carry out the attack.

Det er Channel Four News som bestilte opinionsmålingen, som ble gjort på 500 britiske muslimer.

Poll: government had role in July 7 bombings