Sakset/Fra hofta

Heller ikke Samantha Power har noen løsning på Irak. Hun går så langt som til å anbefale at amerikanerne hjelper til med å flytte folkegruppene til trygge områder innen Irak. Altså assistere med frivillig etnisk rensing, for å unngå noe verre.

Det sier litt om hvor rådvill selv en dyktig menneskerettsforkjemper er. Power legger seg tett opp til Barack Obamas timeplan for tilbaketrekning, og sier den inneholder forbehold om stans, hvis situasjonen forverres. Power regner nok det for sannsynlig, og mener amerikanerne da må hjelpe utsatte grupper over i sikre områder: det vil si at shiaer må få hjelp til å rømme sunni-områder og omvendt.

However, if this political pressure fails and U.S. forces remain unable to stave off an ever-widening civil war, the U.S. should go further and announce its willingness to assist in the voluntary transport and relocation of Iraqi civilians in peril. If Iraqis tell us that they would feel safer in religiously homogenous neighborhoods, and we lack the means to protect them where they are, we should support and protect them in their voluntary, peaceful evacuation — a means, one might say, to preempt genocide in advance of our departure.

The administration must help secure asylum for those Iraqis — and there are millions who fit this bill — who have a «well-founded fear of persecution.» At the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees’ conference scheduled for April, which will be attended by Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Syria and the United States, the overburdened countries of first asylum (Syria is sheltering 1 million Iraqis; Jordan has taken in 700,000) must be persuaded to reopen their gates to fleeing Iraqis. And Western countries must dramatically expand the number of resettlement slots for Iraqis. Astoundingly, the U.S. took in just 202 Iraqis last year and, although the maximum for this year was recently raised to 7,000, this is still not sufficient.

Finally, if we are serious about preventing further sectarian horrors, the U.S. must send a clear signal to the militias and political leaders who order or carry out atrocities that they will be brought to justice for their crimes. That means offering belated U.S. support to the International Criminal Court, the only credible, independent body with the jurisdiction to prosecute crimes against humanity and genocide.

How to stop genocide in Iraq
Offering the carrot of U.S. withdrawal may be the best way to end ethnic cleansing in Iraq.
By Samantha Power, SAMANTHA POWER, a professor at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, is the author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning » ‘A Problem From Hell’: America and the Age of Genocide.»