Høyesterett kom i juni til at alle fanger har krav på behandling etter Genevekonvensjonens paragraf 3, men Bush vil ikke bøye seg. Han vil at CIA skal ha utvidede fullmakter. Idag fikk John McCain støtte fra Ronald Reagans utenriksminister George Schultz.

In June, the Supreme Court ruled that the article applied to all interrogations of terror suspects. That has led to concerns within the Central Intelligence Agency and among military officers that techniques used since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks could be viewed as illegal. Mr. Bush’s amendment would legalize all but «serious violations» and give retroactive immunity to interrogators charged with going over the line.

All oppmerksomheten saken har tiltrukket seg, kom overraskende på administrasjonen.

Mr. McCain has said that redefining the practices allowed under Common Article 3, which outlaws «outrages upon personal dignity» and «humiliating and degrading treatment,» would ultimately harm captured American soldiers and further undercut the United States image abroad. Mr. Hadley repeated on Sunday the administration’s position that the White House wanted to clarify how the provision applied to Qaeda prisoners and others termed «unlawful combatants.»

Other administration officials said it became clear over the weekend that the administration was going to have to give ground. «I don’t think anyone anticipated the avalanche of opinion that would be assembled on the other side of what seemed like a pretty abstruse legal issue,» one official said, speaking on condition of anonymity as he was not authorized to discuss the issue with a reporter.
McCain: «By the way, I forgot to mention this: George Shultz said I could say that he strongly favors our position.»