Å være innfødt europeisk homofil kan fremdeles være problematisk. Å være homofil muslim er å bli utsatt for et umenneskelig press.

Det finnes fremdeles ingen tegn til aksept av homoseksualitet i muslimske miljøer. Mange aksepterer ikke en gang at det finnes homofile muslimer.

In the week that Sir Iqbal Sacranie, Britain’s most senior Muslim figure, described homosexuality as a harmful, immoral vehicle for spreading disease, the internet re2_kommentars the only place where many gay or bisexual Muslims can truly be themselves.

Sir Iqbal is regarded as a moderate and his comments were the latest in a long line of similar statements from 2_kommentarstream Islamic leaders.

Homofile muslimer tvinges til å leve dobbelt liv. Familiene presser dem til å gifte seg.

The Times contacted members of this underground community this week. Their testimony reveals a world where thousands of lives have been wrecked by sham marriages, elaborate deceptions, unacknowledged HIV and crippling loneliness.

«Zac», 24, from Lancashire, has been prevented from living as a gay man. He told The Times how his parents had forced him into an arranged marriage with his Pakistani cousin in the hope that it would «make me straight». His wife is now pregnant with his son. He is trapped at home, consumed with frustration and resentful of his parents.

«Raz», 21, is a second-year politics student at the University of Birmingham. Like Zac he describes himself as a good Muslim who goes to the mosque regularly. «I think there’s a lack of understanding among people like Sacranie. They think homosexuality is a choice but if it was, why would I choose to make my life so much more complicated?»

Gay, Muslim and trying to come out of the closet