Den britiske regjeringens første mann i Irak etter frigjøringen, Jeremy Greenstock, sier det er for tidlig å si om det var verdt det.
Ting har ikke gått slik man trodde.

Tony Blair’s former envoy to Iraq concedes the war may not have been worthwhile. Sir Jeremy Greenstock said it was too early to say if the war was worth the violence that has followed the ousting of Saddam Hussein.

In an interview broadcast on the BBC’s Sunday AM programme today, Sir Jeremy was asked if, in the light of the troubles in Iraq, the war was ‘worth it’.

‘I don’t think we can tell yet,’ Greenstock said. ‘I think it is probably up to each person in his own mind to make that decision.’

He said that the coalition had assumed the operation would be easier than it turned out and that Iraqis would be so relieved to be free of Saddam that they would get themselves together and ‘march forward into a new Iraq’. Greenstock said: ‘There were also warnings that that wouldn’t happen and those warnings were, to some extent, ignored.’

kilde: Guardian