Apropos gårsdagens artikkel om europeiske jenter som tilpaser seg muslimske gutter og lengter etter å bli godtatt: Historien om 38 år gamle belgiske Muriel Degauque som sprengte seg i lufta i Irak 9. november, er selvfølgelig tragisk.

Mennesker i drift, som tidligere havnet borti stoff eller alkohol (begge deler passer på Muriel), blir i dag muslimer. Da blir de ofte strengere enn de fleste:

Muriel moved from Charleroi to Brussels, which has a large Islamic community. She married and divorced a Turkish man, and had a long relationship with an Algerian, who converted her to Islam in 2001. Three years ago she married Issam Goris, who was born in Belgium to Moroccan parents, and followed him to Morocco.

«They told us that they had a house in Morocco and some horses, and a Mercedes and three motorbikes. We never found out whether it was true,» said her mother, who blames Goris for brainwashing her daughter. When Muriel returned to Belgium, her mother no longer recognised her. She had become «more Muslim than Muslim», she said. «The religion was totally ingrained in her. She only lived for that.»

Initially, she wore a hijab, or Islamic veil, but soon started wearing the head-to-toe chador that leaves the face visible. Finally she wore a burka. She became ever more estranged from her parents. «When we saw them, they imposed their rules. We were at home, but my husband had to eat in the kitchen with Issam while the women ate together in the sitting room. There was no question of putting on the TV or opening a beer,» M Degauque said.

«My husband got so fed up that he said the next time they came round we should leave them by themselves.»

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