Politisk kamp i Washington påkaller alltid interesse. Men innsatsen denne gang gjør den til noe spesielt. Senator John McCain fører kampen for vedtaket om at USA ikke skal bruke tortur. Dick Cheney har slått innbitt tilbake og vil ha unntak for CIA. McCain ble så fed up at han ringte sjefen sjøl:

One policy divide did appear to open up last week over Senator John McCain, the Arizona Republican, and his proposed amendment on torture, which would ban the cruel and degrading treatment of prisoners held by the U.S. government. The amendment passed the Senate last month, but Cheney, who wants an exemption to give the CIA a free hand in interrogations, was so adamantly opposed that McCain finally picked up the phone and called Bush.
«I said I wanted to see him because I wanted to discuss this issue with him,» McCain said in an interview, recalling a conversation with the president earlier this month. «And he said, ‘I’d like for you to talk with Steve.»‘
Steve was Stephen Hadley, Bush’s national security adviser, who immediately told McCain, the senator said, that ‘the president wants me to talk to you about this and see if we can’t reach a common ground.»‘
McCain, who re2_kommentars in negotiations with Hadley, declined to say if he thought the episode illustrated a distance between the president and vice president, or at least a recognition by Bush that Cheney’s intractability had become an obstacle to a compromise.
«I don’t think that is necessarily the case,» McCain said. «But I don’t say it isn’t.»

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