Lovløse bander gjør livet utrygt i Nablus. Palestinernes Chicago, kalles byen. Vanlige palestinerne har fått nok.

Det er et lite påaktet fenomen; kombinasjonen av menn makt gjennom våpen og arbeidsledig, spenningssøkende ungdom, er en oppskrift på oppfinnsomme metoder for å skaffe penger.

«People and shops are being attacked, and there are shootings and murders for absolutely no reason,» a 51-year-old grocer said at his shop in Nablus’ Old City.
«People don’t feel safe at all. Abu Mazen (Abbas) talks about people’s safety but he hasn’t done anything about it,» complained this former Fatah official who did not wish to be identified.
«The situation is definitely worse since Abu Mazen was elected,» shrugs Mohamed Breik, a 21-year-old mechanic.
«I’m really afraid — people can get killed any time, for no reason,» he says, relating how an enraged taxi driver attacked his friend and repeatedly stabbed him in the head with a screwdriver in front of the victim’s two young sons. He later died, skriver Hazel Ward (reuters).