En islamsk opprørsgruppe i Irak har bedt den innflytelsesrike foreningen av sunni-imamer om å klargjøre om kidnapping er tillatt ifølge islam.

Det er både interessant og morbid at islamistene ber om en slik klargjøring. Flere har sagt at kidnapping er forbudt ifølge islam.

De to franske journalistene er ennå ikke satt på frifot. Ifølge en melding fredag var de ennå ikke overlevert til den sunnimuslimske gruppen som ville sette dem fri. Det lover ikke godt.

Also today, a militant group here believed to have carried out a number of kidnappings of foreign workers publicly beseeched a group of Muslim religious scholars about whether kidnapping was acceptable under Islam.

In a videotape aired on the Arabic language station Al Arabiya, a masked man standing in front of a black flag labeled «The Black Banner Battalion» and the «Islamic Secret Army» asked an Iraqi group called the Sunni Clerics Association to deliver a fatwah clarifying the acceptability of the practice under Islam.

The plea seem to reflect moral confusion among members of the group, which is believed responsible for the kidnapping of at least seven foreign truck drivers. Many Muslim clerics, even those who in an armed struggle against the American military, have publicly condemned kidnapping as a tool to end the occupation.

Militants have kidnapped dozens of foreigners, and killed a number of them, in recent months. Among those currently being held hostage are two French journalists; there was no word on their fate today.

«If the religious authorities believe that kidnapping those who support the occupation forces is not a religious act, then we plead with the Sunni Clerics Association to issue a religious decree prohibiting this action,» said the masked man, who was clutching a rifle. «We are sure that all factions of the Islamic resistance would abide by it if it is in the best interest of Islam, holy war and Iraq.»

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