A man carrying an umbrella with the design of the British flag gestures as he celebrates Britain leaving the EU on Brexit day in London, Britain, January 31, 2020. REUTERS/Henry Nicholls

Storbritannia forlot EU ved midnatt og 47 års medlemskap er over. Et historisk øyeblikk for britene, men også EU og europeerne.

Allison Pearson skriver i Telegraph:Well played, British people, out at last. I’m so proud of us today

It is a shocking, exhausting, nerve-shredding, despairing, torturous 1,317 days since David Dimbleby looked into the camera and said, “The British people have spoken and the answer is we’re out!” Some of us were naïve enough to believe him. Others took a more jaded view. In his book, The Great Brexit Betrayal, Rod Liddle reports that, on hearing the news, his wife said, “They’ll never let us leave.” Events since June 23rd 2016 came awfully close to proving her right.

Looking back, I reckon you could see the past three-and-a-half years as a period of psychological warfare waged by the establishment against the British people. From MPs, half the Cabinet, the civil service, the Treasury, the BBC, Channel 4, the CBI and the universities, came a daily drip-drip of propaganda to undermine and dishearten the majority. Any piece of good news always had a sneaky rider attached: “despite Brexit”.

Over Daily Mails tittel i sin nettutgave er det bilder av et feirende folkehav av brexit-tilhengere på Parliament Square i London.

– Storbritannia forlater ENDELIG EU, skriver The Sun , som også melder om gledesscener over hele landet.

– Folket har overvunnet establishmentet. Den virkelige vinneren i kveld er demokratiet, sa brexit-general og leder for Brexitpartiet Nigel Farage under feiringen på Parliament Square. (NTB)