Huawei har alvorlige sikkerhetshull som de ikke tar alvorlig, heter det i en britisk rapport som ble lagt frem torsdag.

British officials accused Huawei Technologies Co. of repeatedly failing to address security flaws in its products and said the company hasn’t demonstrated a commitment to fixing them.

The findings, contained in a report published Thursday, subjects the Chinese telecom-equipment giant to fresh international scrutiny as it tries to fend off American accusations that its gear poses a cybersecurity threat.

Britene viser til at Huawei i 2012 lovte å rydde opp i sikkerhetsfeilene, men at dette ikke er blitt gjort.

In the report, U.K. officials said they were particularly concerned that Huawei hasn’t implemented companywide cybersecurity practices that it vowed to put in place in 2012, the same year a report from the U.S. Congress labeled Huawei a national security threat.

Den britiske rapporten kommer svært ubeleilig for Huawei. Tyskland har lagt avstand til amerikanske advarsler når det gjelder satsing på å la Huawei slippe til på 5G-utbyggingen. Den åpningen kan bli mindre nå. USA har truet med å droppe etterretningssamarbeid med land som kjøper Huawei.

British officials said Huawei’s “poor software engineering” is the problem, adding that they don’t believe “the defects identified are a result of Chinese state interference.”



U.K. Says Huawei Gear Has Major Security Flaws