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Mens Daily Mail trekker en artikkel for liksom å ha overdrevet forholdene i Paris-bydelen Saint-Denis, kan RT fortelle om en hjelpeorganisasjon som innstiller hjelpen til illegale migranter i samme strøk, fordi det er blitt for farlig.

Som med andre hjelpeorganisasjoner, tør de ikke risikerer de ansattes liv og helse:

Solidarité Migrants Wilson has been distributing food for migrants near Porte de la Chapelle station in Paris’ 18th district for 20 months. Yet since August 1 the group has decided to stop their work as they can’t cope with the growing level of violence in the area.

“From the beginning our mission was to serve hot drinks and bread and we have done this for 20 months, every day. During the last month though (July), we started questioning our mission, as we don’t want our volunteers to be put in danger,” Philippe Caro from Solidarité Migrants Wilson explained to RT.

‘Explosive situation’: Pro-migrant group forced to end its crucial work in Paris due to violence