Youssef Zaghba. Foto: Metropolitan Police, London / Reuters / Scanpix.


Navnet på den tredje terroristen som ble skutt og drept i London lørdag kveld, er nå blitt offentliggjort: den 22 år gamle Youssef Zaghba, italiensk statsborger med marokkansk far og italiensk mor – også han kjent for sikkerhetsmyndighetene.

Corriere della Sera skriver:

Youssef Zaghba was born in Fez in January 1995 from a Moroccan father and an Italian mother, and was stopped at Bologna airport in March 2016 while trying to take a flight to Turkey on his way to Syria.

Italian intelligence services had reported his presence and frequent movements to both the Moroccan and British authorities. Zaghba’s parents had lived together for a time in Morocco, and when they separated, his mother returned to Italy and settled near Bologna. The son came to visit her several times, and in March 2016, after his arrest, was charged with international terrorism. He was later acquitted, but Italian authorities registered him as a potential threat.

Zaghba hadde sommerjobb på en restaurant i London.