Sakset/Fra hofta

Det er Storbritannia som må forberede seg på nye rutiner på flyreiser til Amerika. Risikoen for bomber i laptop’er er økende, mener amerikanerne som har registrert at det finnes mange potensielle jihadister i Storbritannia.

America has shared “concrete intelligence”, warning that there could be jihadists living in Britain with the potential to manufacture bombs from electronic devices. As a result, Downing Street is overseeing plans to ban laptops, tablets and ebook readers in hand luggage on flights to America.

De nye restriksjonene er ventet å finne sted i løpet av få uker. Og med det følger kaos og flykanselleringer:

US sources believe that up to one in three flights to America from Heathrow will have to be cancelled temporarily in order to bring in new screening for hand luggage at boarding gates.

“This is a game changer. Britain is our most trusted partner when it comes to security, but the threat has now likely moved to the UK and we must respond,” said a US source.

Security experts this weekend warned that the new measures would come at an “enormous cost” to airlines and airports and cause “chaos and confusion” for passengers.

Forbudet ser ut til å kunne gjelde flere europeiske land:

Amber Rudd, the home secretary, and six other European interior ministers were briefed on a phone call with John Kelly, the US homeland security secretary, on Friday. A senior Whitehall official said the “groundwork is being laid” to implement the proposals.

Homeland Security-agenter er allerede på plass ved boarding gatene i Storbritannia:

The Sunday Times understands that Washington is so concerned about aviation security that agents from the US Department of Homeland Security have already been deployed to boarding gates in the UK for flights to America, with orders to scan passengers for physical or behavioural signs of danger.

Men vi fortsetter som før og later som om jihad ikke påvirker oss i vårt daglige liv. Alt blir bare litt mer vanskelig, utrygt og plundrete hele tiden.

The Times