Statsminister Gordon Brown varslet at Storbritannia vil skjerpe sikkerhetsreglene på internasjonale ruter og kreve tilsvarende tiltak på fly til Storbritannia. Britene skal kopiere amerikanerne og lage egne no-fly-lister. Det skal installeres kroppsscannere på internasjonale ruter og hunder skal anvendes mer.

Amerikanerne var misfornøyd med manglende kontroll på ekstremister allerede før Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab var nær ved å sprenge et fly over Detroit 1. juledag.

The most important of the new British measures announced by Mr. Brown involved what he described as an extension of the country’s terrorist «watchlist» to include individuals who have shown up during surveillance operations but who were not previously considered a sufficient threat to make the list. Along with this, he said, Britain planned to «improve the sharing of information on individuals of concern» with foreign security agencies. Both measures appeared to have been motivated by Britain’s failure to alert Mr. Abdullmutallab to American agencies as a potential threat.

Mr. Brown said the expanded watch list would be used as the basis for the new «no-fly» list, Britain’s first, which would prevent anybody on the list from boarding a flight to Britain, or transiting through Britain to other destinations, including the United States.. The list appeared to be similar to one maintained by the Department of Homeland Security in the United States, which lists more than 4,000 individuals who are barred from boarding flights to the United States.

Failure to place Mr. Abdulmutallab on the U.S. list after his father warned United States Embassy officials in Nigeria about his son’s increasingly radical Islamic views — and after U.S. agencies detected signs that a Nigerian was being prepared for a suicide bombing in Yemen — formed the background to Mr. Obama’s criticism of American intelligence failures.

Mr. Brown said he had also briefed Mr. Obama about other measures Britain is taking to improve aviation security, including new body scanners that will go into operation next week at London’s Heathrow airport, among others; an increase in «explosive trace testing»
of checked and carry-on baggage; and wider use of sniffer dogs. In addition, he said, Britain would be demanding «greater guarantees about security» at all international airports with flights to Britain.

Amerikanerne øker antall kroppsscannere fra 40 til 450 ved utgangen av året.

Britain Tightens Anti-Terror Measures on Airlines