Kurdisk milits og Assads styrker har tørnet sammen i nordøst. Det meldes om dødsfall på begge sider.

In the fighting in Qamishli, Kurdish activists and news sites reported, as many as a dozen pro-government militia fighters had been killed, along with at least two Kurdish fighters, members of the autonomous region’s security forces. The reports showed video of a tattered government flag at the Alayia prison in the area, which they said had been taken over by Kurdish fighters.

Pro-government websites said Kurds had started the battle by attacking army positions. Kurdish activists said in accounts posted online that the tensions began when government forces sought to prevent one of them from filming in the government-held security zone in the city.

Syria’s most powerful Kurdish party, the Democratic Union Party, and its militias known as the People’s Protection Units or Y.P.G., have largely maintained an implicit cease-fire with government forces in exchange for local autonomy since the outset of the Syrian uprising, which began with political protests and security crackdowns in 2011.