Et lite påaktet faktum er at Iran-avtalen har samlet Israel. Bortsett fra de arabiske partiene, slutter samtlige opp om Benjamin Netanyahus fordømmelse av Iran-avtalen.

Enigheten er slående. Noen forsøker  enda å overgå Netanyahu.

Anyone who thinks Netanyahu lost this week should take a cold, sober look at the way Netanyahu’s political rivals from the left reacted to the announcement of the Iran deal. All of them, to a man, even those who rebuked Netanyahu for his failure to change the terms of the deal, echoed his statement that “on existential issues there is no coalition and opposition.”

Opposition leader Isaac Herzog, for instance, was quick to denounce the Iran deal as a “bad agreement that endangers our security interests” and pledged his support for Netanyahu and his Iran policy, even going so far as to announce an upcoming trip to Washington to beseech American policy makers to reject the deal, as if he were Netanyahu’s foreign affairs minister and not the prime minister’s biggest political rival as opposition head.

Interestingly enough, five months ago Herzog told the Washington Post: “I trust Obama to get a good deal.” Now, reports suggest that after months of cautious flirting, Herzog and the rest of the Zionist Camp might join Netanyahu’s government, “in light of the new situation that has been created” (to quote Herzog).

Israel’s other opposition leader and former finance minister, Yair Lapid, also condemned the Iran deal, declaring it a “bad day for the Jews.” Unlike Herzog, he laid the blame squarely on Netanyahu’s shoulders, calling the Iran deal “the biggest foreign policy failure in the history of Israel” and demanding a public inquiry commission on Netanyahu’s handling of the Iran nuclear issue. Yet Lapid also boasted enlisting in Israel’s public diplomacy efforts, and was so eager to out-Netanyahu Netanyahu that he denounced the deal even before its details were made public. Lapid even reiterated Netanyahu’s statement that “Israel is not obligated to the Iran deal.”

And that’s without even mentioning Netanyahu’s own ministers, such as defense minister Moshe Ya’alon, who called the deal “a tragedy,” or culture minister Miri Regev, who said that “Iran just got a license to kill.”

En meningsmåling viser at 47 prosent av israelerne støtter et angrep på Iran for å ødelegge atomanleggene.

According to a poll published by Israeli newspaper Maariv this weekend, almost half of Israelis (47%) would support a unilateral Israeli strike on Iran.