To amerikanere ble fredag skutt og såret i den shia-befolkede delen av Saudi-Arabia.


An unknown gunman opened fire on two US citizens in Saudi Arabia, injuring one, the state-run SPA news agency reported Friday.

The incident took place in al-Ahsa, an area in the east of the country largely populated by the kingdom’s minority Shiites.

In November, seven Shiites were killed in an attack in al-Ahsa which the government reportedly said was ordered by the Islamic State militia. (DPA)

I Istanbul åpnet en kvinne ild med en maskinpistol mot en politipost.

A woman armed with a machinegun opened fire on a police post in Istanbul’s central Taksim Square on Friday but initial reports suggested there were no casualties, Turkey’s NTV television reported.

NTV said the attacker left her weapon at the scene and escaped on foot, and that some police vehicles were damaged in the attack. Police officials could not immediately be reached for comment.

The attack comes just over three weeks after a suicide bomber blew herself up at a police station in Istanbul’s historic Sultanahmet district, killing one officer and wounding another. (Reuters)

I Bagdad ble 44 mennesker drept av bilbomber, og i Kirkurk ble en kurdisk general drept sammen med syv av sine krigere.

Officials say a senior Kurdish military commander and eight Kurdish fighters have been killed in clashes with Islamic State militants in northern Iraq.

Brig. Khatab Omar says Brig. Gen. Shirko Fatih was killed as he was leading Kurdish peshmerga troops in a battle against IS extremists early on Friday outside the city of Kirkuk.

He says at least eight Kurdish fighters were killed during the clashes.


Amerikanerne gjorde seks bomberaid mot IS-stillinger i Syria.

Krigen går videre, dag for dag, og de små notisene viser hvor stort område den foregår på.