For første gang har syriske opprørere kjempet mot Hizbollah inne på libanesisk område. Et titalls opprørere og en Hizbollah-fighter ble drept.


More than a dozen Syrian rebels and one Hezbollah fighter were killed in the first clash between rebels and the Lebanese militant group on the Lebanese side of the border, raising fresh concerns that Syria’s civil war is further embroiling its western neighbor.

The firefight took place on outskirts of the eastern Lebanese city of Baalbak near the Syrian border, according to a Lebanese security official.

Security officials said the incident occurred in a contested area along the Lebanese-Syrian border. Hezbollah fighters killed the rebels in an ambush after finding them setting up rocket launchers in the area, the security officials said.

The National News Agency reported on Saturday that 16 rockets had fallen on the outskirts of Baalbak on Friday night. Precisely where they were launched from was unclear.

While several Lebanese television stations and Iran’s Press TV reported the incident, Lebanon’s state media made no mention of the clash.

Details remained unclear, but the incident raised alarm that Syria’s battle had spilled over for the first time on to Lebanese territory.