Et lite smil på fredagen: Ole Brumm er en «upassende hermafroditt» som ikke kan tillates på lekeplassen, ifølge et lokalt polsk byråd. 

-Problemet med den bjørnen er at den ikke er fullt påkledd, sa Ryszard Cichy under debatten.

“It is half naked which is wholly inappropriate for children. [Poland’s fictional bear] is dressed from head to toe, unlike Pooh who is only dressed from the waist up.”

One unnamed councillor can be heard discussing Pooh’s sexuality, arguing that “it doesn’t wear underpants because it doesn’t have a sex” before another, Hanna Jachimska starts criticising Winnie the Pooh author AA Milne.

“This is very disturbing but can you imagine! The author was over 60 and cut [Pooh’s] testicles off with a razor blade because he had a problem with his identity,” she said.


Burde hatt tiss og bukse ifølge polske lokalpolitikere!

The Independent