Den kjente innvandringskritikeren og lederen av tenketanken MigrationWatch UK, Sir Andrew Green, mottok denne uken en utnevnelse til Lord og fikk med det en plass i Overhuset. Det var David Cameron som sto bak «forfremmelsen».

Downing Street said Green’s elevation was a recognition of the work he has done to highlight the issue of immigration since he founded MigrationWatch in 2001. The thinktank has claimed to document and predict rising levels of migration to the UK and its consequences without a political agenda.

MigrationWatch har blitt hyllet av flere aviser for mer nøyaktige innvandringsprognoser enn det innenriksdepartementet har maktet å produsere. The Daily Telegraph skrev:

«Ten years ago, a tiny campaign group captured the headlines with a startling prediction that net immigration to the UK would grow by two million over the next decade.

“Since this was four times more than occurred in the previous decade, the forecast was rubbished by the Home Office. Moreover, the people behind the group, MigrationWatch UK, were denounced as closet racists for even raising the subject.

“Yet everything that MigrationWatch foresaw came true; indeed, as the figures published this week from the 2011 census show, they were overly cautious.”

Realitetene innhenter politikerne. Andrew Green skriver i sitt innlegg i Daily Mail:

It is remarkable that I, a campaigner against mass immigration, should this week have been granted a life peerage. A decade ago that would have been unthinkable, but the fact that it is now happening is a measure of how much attitudes have changed.


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