In year 2005, Jermaine Walker, a Dutch islamist, while praising Mohammed Bouyeri’s murderous assault on filmproducer Theo van Gogh, said to journalists: «It was good … who dares to talk dirty about Islam now? No one!»

This is an example of the Islamic mentality and shows how Muslims intimidate modern and free societies by killing those who bring the true face of Islam into the light. Despite of being a British citizen, Salman Rushdie had to live in hiding in his own country due to the Islamic fear. Geert Wilders , one of the most powerful men in the Netherlands, lives under high security in his own country due to the fear of being killed by Muslims.  The failed assassination attempts on Lars Hedegaard and Kurt Westergaard  in Denmark, and Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s move from the Netherlands to the USA, because of Islamic threats, all shows how Islam has frightened free people of free societies in their own lands.

We cannot prevent Muslims from being radical and intolerant while they are in their Islamic countries. But why do we submit to their radical and violent ideology in the West? Why don’t we send a clear message to the Muslims that they cannot oppress or attack Westerners for expressing their views on Islam? The responsible for that are the Western governments, which in the name of multicultural society, snatch the right of freedom of expression from their own citizens, and encourage the Muslims to go ahead with their violent ideology and actions.

Today everybody in the West are afraid to speak about Islam. The ghost of Islamic violence follows one everywhere. In the Western Christian countries, Jesus Christ often faces ridiculous humiliation, which is considered funny and part of freedom of expression. But speaking the true facts about Muhammad, even if taken from Islamic scriptures without manipulating a single word, is considered a crime. Hitler’s book is banned in many Western countries due to its violent content, in contrast to the Islamic scriptures which spread their message of hate, discrimination, beating of women, killing etc. and cannot even be debated just because Musliims feel irritated and annoyed. Why is the West so busy appeasing a particular group of people? Is it not the fault of Muslims themselves that they do not believe in freedom of expression and they do not have the capacity to hear the truth?

Due to the cowardly behaviour of Western politicians, the West has lost its values, freedom, identity and pride. Now it is just a matter of time when someday we shall find Islamic flags on Western parliamentary buildings.


Imran Firasat,

(from prison in Spain)

Arrested and persecuted for his use of the right of freedom of expression about Islam.


Imran Firasat applied for asylum in Norway July 8th, but was kicked out of the country and returned to Spain July 28th. His lawyer has appealed his expulsion from Spain to the High Court.