En smuglerbåt med 750 illegale fra Libya til Italia forteller om forferdelige overgrep mot afrikanerne, med åpenlys rasisme  og brutalitet. Det anslås at 180 ble drept eller omkom. 60 skal ha blitt kastet over bord.

De overlevende fortalte grufulle historier om overgrep og rasisme da de ankom Italia sist uke.

Da båten la ut fra Libya hadde den 750 mennesker om bord. Da den ankom Italia hadde antallet sunket til 569.

Mannskapet viste åpenlys rasisme mot afrikanerne fra sør for Sahara. Folk fra Syria, Marokko, Bangladesh og Pakistan fikk sitte på de to øverste dekk hvor de ble svalet av sjøbrisen. Afrikanerne ble tvunget under dekk, hvor det var kvelende varmt. Flere ble kvalt av mangel på luft. De som forsøkte å komme opp for å trekke luft, ble angrepet med kniver. Mange ble hivd over bord.

The International Organization for Migration reports the boat started its journey with 750 migrants aboard and arrived with only 569, saying as many as 180 people are believed to have perished.
The voyage concluded Saturday with the Italian navy rescuing hundreds of migrants from the overcrowded smuggler’s boat. Survivors then recounted tales of horrifying brutality, racism, discrimination and clashes among the different ethnic groups aboard the vessel.
A spokesman for the International Organization for Migration, Flavio di Giacomo, has interviewed about 25 survivors in a reception center in Sicily.
He says all are young men between the ages of 18 and 24 from Sub-Saharan Africa, and that all have been traumatized by the ordeal.
According to di Giacomo, the smugglers assigned migrants from Syria, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Morocco places on the two upper decks where they could catch a sea breeze, while migrants from Sub-Saharan Africa were forced into the hold.
“They were forced [into the hold] by smugglers with knives; they were beaten by smugglers and they were cut — I actually saw cuts on their bodies — and to sit in the hold close to the engine …. a situation that is very dangerous, it is very painful because it is hot. There is no air. You can die — as happened, actually. But they had no other choice.»
Di Giacomo also said the Africans were beaten back when they tried to go to an upper deck to get fresh air, and that 29 migrants died from heat and asphyxiation after being forced to remain in the hold.
He says witnesses also told him that many of the migrants were kicked and stabbed and about 60 were thrown overboard.
Many of the African migrants aboard the boat were fleeing wars, religious persecution and collapsing economies in places such as Nigeria, Niger, Mali, Ivory Coast and Gambia.
“The smugglers, they are characterized also by very racist behavior toward African migrants … while the other nationalities had life jackets,» he said.
Di Giacomo says the smugglers likely made about $670,000 from this one dangerous voyage. Five have been apprehended and are under investigation on charges of violence and murder.