Hamas skyter ikke bare mot Israel, men forsøker også å ramme bosetninger på Vestbredden. Det førte lørdag til at også Ramallah ble rammet.

The Globe and Mails Patrick Martin kom til stedet der to biler ble ødelagt. Palestinsk politi var raske med å sperre av. Bilder av Hamas-raketter som treffer palestinerne er dårlig PR.

The rocket, part of a wave of missiles launched about 9 p.m. Saturday at central Israel, landed at the side of the main road leading north out of the city. At least two vehicles appeared to have been damaged and burned. There were no reports of any casualties as Palestinian security forces clamped an immediate lid on the scene. An ambulance, however, arrived as this correspondent was ordered away from the site.

The notion that Palestinian militants in Gaza might fire on Palestinian authorities in Ramallah is certainly a new twist to the six-day rocket war being waged between Israel and militant Palestinian groups in Gaza led by Hamas.