David Cameron advarer mot å tro at Syria og Irak er problemer langt borte. De samme menneskene planlegger å angripe mål i Storbritannia, sier Cameron.

Jihadists fighting in Iraq and Syria are planning attacks on British soil, David Cameron has said.

The Prime Minister warned that the current crisis in Iraq must not be dismissed as a foreign problem because the same fighters are planning to “attack us here at home in the United Kingdom”.

He made his intervention amid growing concern over the number of Britons leaving the UK to fight alongside extremist groups abroad.

On Wednesday night the Iraqi government formally asked the US to launch air strikes against militants, many of whom have poured into the country from Syria.

US military commander Gen Martin Dempsey told US senators: “We have a request from the Iraqi government for air power.”


Earlier Mr Cameron had told MPs: “I’d disagree with those people who think this is nothing to do with us and if they want to have some sort of extreme Islamist regime in the middle of Iraq that won’t affect us – it will.

“The people in that regime, as well as trying to take territory, are also planning to attack us here at home in the United Kingdom.”

He added: “The right answer is to be long term, hard-headed, patient and intelligent with the interventions that we make.”

Men vil myndighetene være i stand til å holde oversikten over så mange? I Storbritannia alene snakker man om 500 gudskrigere i Syria.

At man nå står overfor en ny fase i terror, forteller de siste meldinger om angrpet på den kenyanske kystbyen Mpeketoni. Det hevdes med ettertrykk av vitner at mannen som ledet styrken på 40, var hvit og snakket flytende engelsk.

In a separate development on Wednesday several people in Mpeketoni, northern Kenya, which was attacked by as many as 40 Islamist gunmen on Sunday, told the Telegraph that the gang’s leader was pale-skinned and spoke English and Arabic.

“I saw a white man who was speaking in fluent British English commanding the rest of the attackers,” said one.