Blant briter vokser støtten til et militært oppgjør med ISIS. Støtten blir ikke mindre ved nyheten om at folk står utenfor kjøpesentra i London og deler ut brosjyrer til støtte for ISIS. Briter oppfatter at trusselen også gjelder dem.

Eight out of ten people think that it poses a domestic threat, with 40 per cent now wanting the government to launch bombing raids on the Islamic State (Isis), which has occupied large parts of Syria and Iraq.

Last night the security chief of the semi-autonomous Iraqi Kurdistan said that a failure to tackle the rogue organisation would mean British jihadists returning home to wreak havoc.

The warning came as police were urged to investigate extremists handing out leaflets encouraging British Muslims to leave for the new caliphate and take an oath of allegiance to its leader. The literature was being openly distributed yesterday outside stores on Oxford Street in central London.

David Cameron will fly back from holiday in Portugal tonight to face demands from senior figures in all three parties to recall parliament.

Utdeling av løpesedler til støtte for ISIS og oppfordring om å la seg verve, ble opplevd som meget ubehagelig.

The inflammatory material being handed out on Oxford Street yesterday was from extremists from Luton, which included some previously associated with al-Muhajiroun and Muslims Against Crusades, which had both been banned by the government under anti-terrorism legislation. A Muslim doctor who saw the Isis flag on the leaflet and challenged the extremists on Saturday said some members of the group told her that they supported the Islamic State and then verbally abused her.

Dr Asmaa al-Kufaishi said: “There was a lot of hostile and racist bigotry. These people do not represent the views of Muslims. They are definitely breaking the law.”

Ghaffar Hussain, managing director of the Quilliam Foundation, an anti-extremism think-tank, said the leaflets were a clear breach of anti-terrorism laws as they supported a banned group. “This is not an issue of freedom of speech, this is clearly breaking the law. It is about supporting one of the most evil groups we have seen. They would be lynched if they tried to distribute these leaflets in Cairo or Saudi Arabia.”  

Det er snakk om å sette inn Chinook-helikoptre og spesialsoldater i evakueringen av yezidier fra Sinjar-fjellet.

Masrour Barzani, the top intelligence official from Kurdish Iraq, said that British and other foreign jihadists spreading terror in his country would return home to spread violence unless Britain and its allies fought back.

There is evidence of British citizens taking part in a bloody offensive by the Islamic State against Christian and other religious minorities that has triggered fears of genocide.

“I know for sure from all the information we have gathered that there are a good number of foreign fighters, hundreds if not thousands of foreign fighters,” he said.

Mr Barzani, who is the son of the president of the Kurdish north of Iraq, said that the Islamic State was attracting jihadists from across the world. A German citizen, a Libyan fighter and a man whose nationality was unknown attacked Kurdish forces at a large dam to the north of the city of Mosul last week, blowing themselves up, he claimed.