Idet de første stemmene er talt opp ved valget til Europa-parlamentet i Storbritannia, ligger anti-EU-partiet United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) øverst med ca. 31 % oppslutning, mens Labour og de konservative begge inntil videre ligger på ca. 24 %.

UKIP appears to be on course to top the poll in the European elections, with the first results starting to come in.

Labour won in the North-East of England with a 12% increase in vote share, beating UKIP into second place.

But UKIP’s vote has gone up by 14% – which if repeated across the UK would see a win for Nigel Farage’s party.

The Conservative vote was down 2% in the North East, suggesting it will come third, but the Lib Dems were down 11.6% – suggesting it faces a wipe-out.


BBC: UKIP surge in early euro election results