1. “Ukip is a protest vote”. Even if that’s true, so what? I’ve been in plenty of counts, and shall I tell you something? When they’re all stacked in piles, the protest votes look just like the positive ones. And when they’re counted, they’re worth the same.

2. “Ukip is a wasted vote”. People will justifiably rely: “It’s my vote, thanks very much, and I’ll decide whether voting with my conscience is a waste”.

3. “A vote for Ukip is a vote for Ed Miliband”. Er, no. A vote for Labour is a vote for Ed Miliband. Do I really need to explain how that works?

4. “These were only European elections”. Only? You’ve just spent the past three months telling us how much they matter.

5. “People have legitimate concerns…” It’s not for politicians to tell the country what is and what isn’t legitimate. If anything, it’s the other way around.

6. “We need a serious debate about immigration.” We’ve had the debate. It’s over. Three quarters of people want immigration reduced, and no party argues for higher numbers. What bothers voters isn’t the lack of a debate; it’s the lack of any sense that we control whom we admit or in what numbers.

7. “The Conservatives don’t do pacts or deals with other parties”. Oh really? What’s this thing we’re doing with the Lib Dems, then?

8. “We won’t be blown off course…” A politician who talks in cliché isn’t bothering to think about what he’s saying. Yes, you, Cleggie.

9. “These results show London as an open, tolerant and diverse city.” So said Tessa Jowell in a Tweet that might have been calculated to insult the rest of England. While we’re on the subject, boasting that ethnic minorities overwhelmingly vote Labour isn’t exactly great for race relations.

10. «Ukip isn’t really about Europe». Oh yes it is. The clue is in the name.


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