Med en uvanlig kombinasjon av klarsyn og konsis formuleringsevne tegner den kurdisk-svenske økonomen Tino Sanandaji et skarpt portrett av det svenske galehuset i et intervju med amerikanske CBN News.

Endel av tingene han nevner har relevans for Norge også, om enn ikke i like ekstrem grad, som f.eks. det sosiale hykleriet han oppsummerer med at «the social truth wins over the factual truth».

Sanandaji: You don’t have to be Nostradamus to predict the future. You go to cities like Malmö, Sweden’s third biggest city, they have been twenty years ahead demographically. That is what Sweden is going to be like and Sweden is taking more immigrants and more refugees than UK, France and all the Nordic countries combined. And at the same time, Sweden has in the OCED the largest gap in employment between natives and immigrants. It is literally the worst country in the world in terms of getting immigrants into the labour marked.

The central problem of Sweden is that these facts are not openly discussed. The right – the political right – and the left and the media have formed an iron cartel to basically censor negative facts about immigraton and sort of highlight positive spin on this issue. And you know, for a Swedish academic or a politician or a reporter to go on TV and say the figures I’ve reported, that could destroy their career, and at any case that would cause a huge amount of social reprisal, people will…

Reporter: Before you continue: Why? If they’re facts…

This has deep historical reasons and historical reasons, I will argue, is that when immigration – refugee immigration – to Sweden started in the late eighties in large numbers, there was a huge, violent, aggressive racist backlash, so you know, this is another paradox about Scandinavia:

The Scandinavian countries are quite peaceful, but in terms of racist murders they top the world, and the Swedish elite, again, the left, the right and the media, they formed, you know, a counter movement to quell racism, and if the politicians and the media can claim that immigration is good for economy, it’s not causing unemployment, it’s not causing social problems, then they easily win the debate, right, so then they cheat, then they just create this basically public lie that things are going great, you have minor problems, but this is basically beneficial.

So this sort of spin has become a reality to them. And given that they believe that, when they hear somebody say these negative pessimistic numbers they assume it can’t be true, because if that were true, why is it, why isn’t everybody saying it on TV? You know, the social truth wins over the factual truth. But I would understand this if there was a plan; so okay, let’s lie, or white lies for a while until we solve this problem. The thing is, though, that the problem isn’t solving itself, it’s just slowly becoming bigger and bigger. And I have to say that the level of speech oppression that they have achieved, completely decentralized without any real law, so it’s not Iran, they don’t put you in prison if you say these numbers, what they do is to make you fired or your friend are going to remove you on Facebook. It works.

These facts are well known by economists, for example, but the economists are in general silent, what benefit is it for you if you’re a blonde, blue-eyed Swede, to go and say immigration is really bad for economy, then you are saying the same thing as those skinheads, right, so then maybe you’re one of them, maybe you’re a racist, why else would you be saying that. I mean, even The New York Times had an article where they were shocked about this so-called consensus in Sweden and how there was a blanket over the debate.

It’s like an irrational immigration cult.

Yes, I would say it’s sort of an anti-racist cult, that’s what it is, so you know, so if you want to sort of psychologize: Sweden is on of the most secular countries in the world, they’ve lost their moral grounding, because the elitists in particular are aggressively anti-religion, but people of course need some sort of spirituality, morality, some values, and instead, their values are anti-racism.

So they create this alternative reality for themselves where it is the 1930s and they’re the guys fighting Hitler and if somebody says immigrants have higher unemployment they generally think «yeah, thats exactly what Hitler said.» They don’t know what Hitler said, they don’t understand that. And if you want you can perhaps find an explanation in the lack of values and people fill it up then with something else.

It’s a religious substitute…

Yes, that’s what it is, it’s a quasi-religion, yes, it’s a secular religion.

So what’s the future of all this?

In a short run it’s going to continue, and we have the projections that the record levels that we have now are going to accelerate even further. In the long run, my guess is that this is going to collapse.

When you say collapse, what comes to your mind: economical collaps, social unrest?

Adam Smith said there’s a lot of ruin in a nation. By that he meant that a nation can take a lot of beating without collapsing. Sweden will never collapse. What happens if this continues is just a gradual deterioration in (…) with more segregation.

So what is the mentality? It is NIMBY = not in my backyard, that the leaders of Sweden were going to bring all these immigrants in because it makes us feel better, but they won’t be going to our kids’ schools.

Yes. So amongst Swedish policitians there was a Swedish newspaper survey: 1% of them living in areas where there is a lot of immigrants. And they were typical immigrants. I mean, that just tells you something about those people, the elite. This is more multiculturalism for the voters, but not for me and my kids. If you really think multiculturalism is good, why don’t you go and live there?

The fact that you don’t live there, the fact that almost none of them live there, that almost none of them send their kids to school there, that shows that at a human level, at some level, they understand that this is not working. And these policitians, some of them know – I mean, I talk to highly ranking policitians sometimes – some of them know what’s going on and that it’s unsustainable and that basically Sweden is going slowly towards a cliff.


Hjertelig takk til signaturen Fasch for å ha skrevet ned intervjuet.