UKIP har vunnet 26 % av stemmene ved lokalvalg i Storbritannia og leder Nigel Farage sier partiet nå har danket ut Liberaldemokratene og er landets tredje største.

Nigel Farage has declared Ukip is the third party «numerically».

He said: «People haven’t seen us as being relevant for local elections, or in some ways general elections, so for us to be scoring at least 26% of the vote where we stand is, I think, very significant indeed.»

When asked about whether the party had now entered a four-party race, Mr Farage replied: «Numerically we’re the third [party] because the Lib Dems are trailing behind.»

He added: «This wave of protests certainly isn’t short term, it’s lasting.»

A Ukip spokesman predicted the party would receive more than one million votes, a higher level of support than at the last general election.

The spokesman said: «Where we are standing, we are taking an average of 26.2% of the vote.

«I can now predict with confidence that we will take more than 1 million votes – more than we took at the entire general election in 2010. It’s likely that we might even reach 1.5 million.»

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