Den kjente sunni-teologen Yusuf al-Qaradawi har i sterke ordelag fordømt det nye styret i Egypt og tilsvarende alle som støtter det. Qaradawi sier det nye styret i Egypt, er i «strid med Allahs vilje» og krever at Brorskapet gjeninnsettes.

Qaradawi unnlot ikke å kritisere De forente arabiske emirater for deres støtte til Egypt, noe som fikk utenriksminister Anwar Muhammad Garghash til å protestere. Qaradawi snakker fra Qatar, hvordan kan styresmaktene la ham holde på å oppildne folk?


The Egyptian-born Al Qaradawi, speaking live on Qatari state TV from a Doha mosque, criticised the UAE for supporting the current Egyptian government. He claimed that the UAE “has always been opposed to Islamic rule”.

He was talking about the developments in Egypt that followed the ouster of former president Mohammad Mursi last July by a popular uprising.

Al Qaradawi said the new Egyptian administration was “ruling against Allah’s will” and that Mursi must be reinstated to realise a government by Islamic rule.

Gargash condemned the comments and wrote on his official twitter account it was “shameful that we allow Al Qaradawi to continue his insults of the UAE and ties [that bind] the peoples of the Arabian Gulf.”

Gargash said: “We endeavoured to contain the issue out of our interest in relations between the two sisterly countries and to abort discord and sedition instigated by that cleric in his campaign against the UAE. But, we were forced to take this unprecedented step in our Gulf relationship, given our brothers in Qatar did not reject that their media and religious outlets be used to attack neighbours and sisterly countries.”

Gargash stressed it was unacceptable by all means that dignity of the UAE, its leaders and people as well as its time-honoured values be harmed under any execuses.

Condemning Egypt’s recent blasts, the UAE called for action to counter terror.

Shaikh Abdullah Bin Zayed, Foreign Minister, expressed the UAE solidarity with the government of Egypt. He also renewed UAE’s stance on standing by Egypt in fighting extremism and terrorism.



Shaikh Abdullah urged the countries that oppose terrorism to stand by the Egyptian government “in the face of this terrorist organisation and what it stands and calls for”.

“The terrorist organisation’s continued acts of terror and killing in Egypt require a swift action by all to eliminate these criminal acts which are carried out under the guise of Islam and which are rejected by Islam and Muslims.”

Qatar’s foreign minister has said that Al Qaradawi do not reflect Qatar’s foreign policy.