I kjølvannet av Human Rights-debatten i Storbritannia, hvor man lengter etter å frigjøre seg fra EUs åk slik at man kan få sendt terrorister og andre uønskede ut av landet, har et lyst hode i EU-kommisjonen kommet med en ny idé: smiger. Alle liker litt ros, ikke sant?


Ville ikke du ha ønsket litt ros av denne mannen? 

Britain is the ‘best pupil in class’ for  obeying edicts from Strasbourg, a senior Eurocrat declared today.

Thorbjorn Jagland, Secretary General of the  Council of Europe, said the rest of the continent looked to the UK to set an  example on human rights – so it must let convicts have the vote.

Men britene ønsker ikke å gi innsatte stemmerett, og dette falt ikke i god jord hos britiske parlamentsmedlemmer, som anklagde Jagland for ‘patronising drivel’.

At a Westminster hearing, Tory MP Nick Gibb  asked Mr Jagland if it was the ‘judicial activism’ of Strasbourg that was the  problem, rather than Britain ‘sliding into becoming an abuser of human  rights’.

Mr Jagland replied: ‘You [Britain] are the  best pupil in the class.’

But he claimed that, if the UK did not obey  the diktat on prisoner, votes, it would set a bad example to countries such as  Russia.

He said it would be impossible for the UK to  leave the convention on human rights and remain a member of the council.

And he warned that Britain’s international  influence would be diminished if it decided to go for the ‘nuclear possibility’  of not complying with the ruling.

Så der var riset bak speilet. Tory MP Dominic Raab var ikke imponert:

‘This is yet more patronising drivel from the Eurocrats. The idea we should  sacrifice democracy at home to promote the European agenda abroad is a Faustian bargain Parliament should reject.’

Oops, gjennomskuet. Et lite kurs i britisk omgangstone burde nok EU ha spandert på Jagland.

Daily Mail