Børsene i Europa falt kraftig tirsdag. Troen på at den europeiske sentralbankens støttekjøp av obligasjoner skal demme opp for negative nyheter er svekket. Renten på statsobligasjoner i land som Hellas, Portugal og Italia steg.


The yield on Greece’s 10-year benchmark government bond rose 0.58 percentage point to 10.03%, hitting its highest level since early May, according to Tradeweb. The yield on the corresponding Portuguese government bond surged 0.32 percentage point to 6.50%, a two-month peak. Italian and Spanish bond yields also rose.

Haven German Bund yields also climbed, albeit more modestly than their lower-rated euro-zone peers, while 10-year U.S. Treasury yields climbed to a 14-month high of 2.25%.

European stocks fell across the board, crude oil prices dropped and spot gold slipped to its lowest level in almost three weeks.

«The recent uptick in volatility across financial markets looks increasingly as if it might be to do with a growing loss of confidence in Western central bankers’ great monetary policy experiment,» said Jeremy Batstone-Carr at Charles Stanley.