Anders Behring Breivik’s defense team of four was not in unison agreement that he was sane and accountable for his actions. On the contrary. Even after the verdict they disagreed.

This vital information is revealed by the leader of the team, Geir Lippestad himself, in a newly released book. NRKs seasoned commentator, Knut Magnus Berge, has read the book and is startled to read about the disagreement.

Lippestad writes that the team disagreed about Breiviks accountability both before, during and after the court proceedings. When the chief judge read out the verdict – that their client was found sane and accountable – as pleaded by the defense – their was no jubilation and sense of triumph in the back room: dissens still ran deep.

It is an interesting piece of information. The media exerted a massive campaign to have the first judicial review overturned and Breivik found accountable. Even the prime minister said that would be the best result. But all along part of the defense team found him not accountable in a judicical sense, and their conviction was strong enough not to be rattled by the verdict.