Av en eller annen merkelig grunn figurerer utenlandske fagfolk i liten grad i den norske debatten om ABBs tilregnelighet.

The Independent siterer Tysklands fremste rettspsykiater som sier han har sett ABBs smil før, hos schizofrene.

The point where insanity stops and evil begins – or vice versa – will be the crux of the trial. By no means everyone is convinced that Breivik, the mass murderer, was wholly responsible for his actions. Even Hitler’s henchman Heinrich Himmler is reputed to have been adversely affected after being confronted with the Holocaust in action. But Breivik was shown grinning as he sat in the police car after his arrest. Foreign observers such as Germany’s top criminal psychiatrist Hans-Ludwig Kröber are far from convinced that he is entirely normal, as his defence team claims.

«That grin as he was being driven away from the scene of the crime, it’s an all too familiar expression among schizophrenics,» Kröber declared in an interview last week.

Lippestad klargjør i artikkelen at prisen for ABBs tilregnelighet må betales av andre:

The right-wing blogger is a figure who refers to himself as «Fjordman» and whose extremist views are believed to have been one of Breivik’s main inspirations. «We will place people from extremist backgrounds on the witness stand to explain their thought processes in order to show that there are others who share the same ideology, without going so far as to commit crimes,» Lippestad says.

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