To ganger amerikansk ambassadør i Israel, Martin Indyk, gir USA et halvt år på å overtale Iran til å oppgi atomvåpenprogrammet. Mislykkes det må man belage seg på en militær konfrontasjon i 2013.

Indyk tror ikke Bibi Netanyahu og Barack Obama vurderer trusselen fra Iran så ulikt når det kommer til stykket. Obama vil heller ikke godta at Iran får atomvåpen.

Former United States ambassador to Israel Martin Indyk gave a dire prediction of impending conflict between the US and Iran next year.

If a negotiated solution on Iran’s nuclear drive cannot be achieved in the next six months, “I am afraid that 2013 is going to be a year in which we’re going to have a military confrontation with Iran,” Indyk said on the CBS news show “Face the Nation” on Sunday

“There is still time, perhaps six months, even by Prime Minister Netanyahu’s own time table to try to see if a negotiated solution can be worked out,” Indyk said, adding that “every effort and every chance” should be exhausted before employing a military strike against the Islamic Republic.

He also noted that Obama and Netanyahu don’t view the Iranian nuclear issue so differently. The US president is committed to preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, he said.

Indyk joined other policy experts who discussed, among other Mideast concerns, Israel’s pressuring of the US to set “red lines” for Iran’s nuclear program that, if crossed, would trigger military action.

It’s “unreasonable” for Israel to require the US to issue “red lines” for the Iranian nuclear program because such insistence is akin to an “ultimatum” — something “no president would do,” Indyk explained.

“If you noticed, Governor Romney is not putting out a red line; Senator McCain didn’t either. And neither is Bibi Netanyahu for that matter, in terms of Israel’s own actions,” he pointed out, “because it locks you in.”